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Located on the coastline and largely the result of an ocean retreat, the parish of Costa da Caparica covers an area of 10.74 km2, between the sea and the escarpment. It is the longest continuous beach in the country, stretching for approximately 30 km. The protected landscape of the Costa de Caparica Fossil Cliff has geological and geomorphological aspects of great interest, not only from a scientific point of view, but also in terms of scenic beauty. The beautiful forms of erosion it presents, its ochre tones and abundant gullies crowned with vegetation, provide an unusual backdrop to the entire line of beaches.
Lisbon is an illuminated city. The Tejo river and the sun, which is almost always present, make the Portuguese capital a mirror of color, in which the beauty and uniqueness of the architecture do not go unnoticed. In Lisbon, there is always so much to see and do, opening up a world of possibilities for the most varied experiences.


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  • Spend the day at Praia da Costa da Caparica or Praia da Rainha, known for their vast stretches of sand and excellent conditions for water sports.
  • Take relaxing walks along the long promenade, enjoying the panoramic views of the ocean.
  • Practice water sports: In addition to surfing, try other water activities such as bodyboarding, stand-up paddle or even sailing lessons.
  • Explore the Nature Reserve, which offers trails through dunes and forests, providing a unique experience of unspoiled nature.
  • Try traditional fish and seafood dishes in seaside restaurants, such as seafood cataplana or the famous fried cuttlefish.
  • Climb up to Cristo Rei and admire the wonderful view over the Tejo River.
  • Explore the simple architecture and contemplative spaces of the Convento dos Capuchos and enjoy a spectacular panorama of the region, especially at sunset, from its belvedere.


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Walk through a Lisbon with a thousand years of history, rich in monuments, characteristic neighborhoods where the city was born and remains the most genuine.
Visit the the Tejo river in Lisbon, with a riverside area dedicated to leisure that connects the monumental Belém area to the modern Parque das Nações.
Have fun in a city full of lively evenings with no end in sight.
Take advantage of a sportier Lisbon with golf and the sea so close by.
Enjoy more serenity in the parks, gardens, viewpoints, cafés and terraces. Experience a Lisbon of pure pleasure in its gastronomy, luxury hotels, spas and shopping.

What to see and do
How to get there via the airport


Normal Service::
3710 - Lisbon (Sete Rios) - Costa da Caparica - 35 min.
3709 - Lisbon (Marquês de Pombal) - Costa da Caparica - 45 min

Car Hire

You can find the rent-a-car companies right at Arrivals. Another option would be to make a reservation in advance.


The taxi fare from the Airport costs around 45€. The amount charged for the trip does not depend on the number of passangers in the vehicle. Should the luggage be over 55x35x20cm, it must be transported in the boot or on the top and you may have an additional charge. Transporting wheelchairs, cots or baby chairs is free. There is no need to tip.


Lisbon's Portela Airport is about 23 Kms from the Hotel and its journey via IP7 and A38, takes around 26 minutes. Take the 2nd Circular/E1 from the Av. Berlim. Follow the 2nd Circular/E1, IP7 and A38 to the Avenida Afonso de Albuquerque/Rua Vítimas da Guerra Colonial/N377 to the Costa da Caparica. Continue via Av. Afonso de Albuquerque/R. Vítimas da Guerra Colonial/N377 until you get to the Costa da Caparica Hotel.

How to arrive by land


Inside the city of Lisbon, there is public transport both by bus and the underground.


You can get to the Costa da Caparica by train, bus and car. There is a motorway which goes out past the Costa da Caparica (A2). There is also another important major roadway (A38) which links Almada/Costa da Caparica.


The railway station at Pragal located next to the major Hospital Garcia da Orta,near the large Shopping Centre, the Almada Forum, and the New University, the Piaget Institute e the Egas Moniz Institute, is a station operated by Fertagus. Fertagus to Pragal:
Roma-Areeiro - Pragal - 17 min. Transfer at Pragal by bus:
3011 - Cacilhas - Costa da Caparica - 34 min.
3024 - Pragal (Est.) - Costa da Caparica - 22 min.


Transtejo - Belém - Porto Brandão - Trafaria and transfer by bus:
3030 - Monte da Caparica - Fonte da Telha - 19 min.
Transtejo - Cais do Sodré - Cacilhas and transfer by bus:
3022 - Cacilhas (Terminal Station) - Costa de Caparica (Terminal Station) - 45 min.
3011 - Cacilhas - Costa da Caparica - 34 min


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